One-Line Bio


::Kim Casey:: Interested in photography since she picked up her mother's Kodak disc camera in the early 80s (remember those?), Kim has been snapping photos on a regular basis since she was 12 years old. In high school, she was recruited to create senior pictures for a few of her friends, and it was then that her passion for photography exploded.

Kim graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Communications and a double minor in Photography and Marketing. She worked in marketing and public relations until she joyously became a mom. At that point, she reevaluated the priorities in her life, and decided to focus on family and photography.

When not working, Kim is growing herbs in her garden, planning her next big vacation, watching 30 Minute Meals and participating in full-contact family life with her husband and three kiddos. Life is beautiful!

::Janelle Ringgengerg:: It was a passion for children and their innocent charm that set the trajectory of Janelle's life. She had always dreamed of being a teacher, and after graduating from the University of Missouri she did just that. Armed with a great deal of patience and a Master's Degree in Arts & Teaching, Janelle taught elementary school for 10 years. And she loved (almost) every minute of it! But she decided to put her career on hold when she became a mom and that's when photography became her new passion.

A native of St. Louis, Janelle and her family relocated to Kansas City in 2007, in which during a chance meeting she became accidental friends with Kim. After many cups of Starbucks Coffee, the two discovered their shared interest in children & photography. Soon after, RainKite was created. And as they say, the rest is history.

When she's not wrangling children or negotiating nap times, you will most likely find Janelle burning rubber at the YMCA. An avid runner, she loves working out and training for "the next big race." And don't even mention the Tigers...Janelle, her husband and three kids are probably the biggest fans in town.